Ray’s Spider Control Services

Australia is home to some of the world’s most venomous spiders. Even harmless arachnids in Sydney often look like the stuff of nightmares, so it’s no surprise so many people fear them. Add that to the fact many species are quite aggressive, and you have a real cause for concern on your hands. But fear not – Ray’s Spider Control has got your back!

Why Request Ray’s Spider Pest Control Experts?

You may be afraid of spiders, but spiders are afraid of us. Dealing with these creepy crawlies on your own requires deep knowledge of different arachnid species, their habits, and the ability to identify them. Furthermore, common insecticides might prove ineffective so if you don’t know what you’re doing, you may be risking your well-being for nothing.

What’s the easiest way to deal with spiders? Book a professional spider control, of course. This way you avoid the risk of being bitten while you’re attempting a treatment on your own. Besides, experts have the right equipment, professional products, and experience to deal with these small home invaders.

  • Before the pros start the spider control procedure, they will carry out a complete inspection to determine the infestation level and entry points.
  • The second step of the treatment is spraying every centimetre of the property. After they’re done with applying the products, they let the sprayed insecticide settle.
  • Additional, post-treatment viewings, are arranged upon request.

The Benefits of Hiring Ray’s Spider Control Pros

Our company provides coverage to the entire Sydney area. We conform to high work standards and always strive to provide complete satisfaction for our customers. Other than high-quality spider removal service you will also receive the following:

  • Service provided by spider eradication technicians who have undergone hours of training and with enough experience to tackle horrible eight-legged vermin like Red Headed Mouse Spider, Trapdoor
  • Spider, or the aggressive Wolf Spider.
  • Customer support and online quote request options.
  • Care for your health, wellness, and spider-free property.
  • Treatment with special quality products with proven effectiveness on arachnids.
  • Other pest control services, such as: dust mite removal, termite treatment, wasp removal, and more.

If you need more information or would like to place your request for a visit by Ray’s spider specialists by calling 02 9098 1796 today!

Keep Safe and Prepare Your Home or Office Until We Arrive

  1. In order for our spider eradication to succeed we’d need you to do a few things before the technicians step in.
  2. If you’ve spotted the pesky vermin inside your home use a vacuum cleaner to remove their webs and egg sacks.
  3. If you have a pet or a child do not use insecticide sprays, as they might cause undesired physical reactions.
  4. Find a place to stay when we spray the house for spiders. The insecticides are not harmful to people or animals but still they’d need to settle.
  5. It is advisable to air the sprayed premises and not clean the affected areas for a few days until the insecticide fully settles.

Types of spiders we deal with in Sydney:

  • Huntsman Spider
  • Sydney Funnel-Web Spider
  • Mouse Spider (Missulena Bradleyi)
  • White-Tailed Spider
  • Wolf Spider (Lycosa Sp)
  • Redback Spider (Latrodectus Hasselti)
  • Black House Spider
  • Daddy Long Legs Spider
  • St Andrews Cross Spider
  • Red Headed Mouse Spider
  • Garden Orb-Weaving Spider
  • Common House Spider
  • Tree Funnel Web Spider