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Excellent Moth Extermination at a Reasonable price

Moths are more of a nuisance than a threat, but they’re pretty much the mother of all annoyance. Having to constantly replace your wardrobe because some flying insects use it for food gets old. Fast. This when you should give Ray’s Pest Control a call and book our moth control services. We’ll take care of the pests and ensure your favourite clothing doesn’t become a part of their diet anymore.

Ray’s Moth Eradication in Sydney. When enough is enough!

Professional moth control is a great way to get rid of the problem. The service providers are efficient, experienced, and can promptly address any issues related to the infestation. This is also saves you a lot of time and gives you peace of mind that the service will be handled in an efficient and professional manner. Here’s how we do it:

  • The first step is inspection. The professionals will identify the type of moth they’re dealing with and will choose the most adequate insecticide to deal with the infestation.
  • Next step is treatment. Once the threat has been identified, insecticides will be deployed in order to neutralise it.
  • Finally, the technicians will let you know how you can avoid such infestation in the future.

Here’s What We Offer

Do not hesitate to book Ray’s Pest Control moth removal services. Make your own wardrobe safe again. Here’s what else we can offer you:

  • A quick and efficient service. We always aim at providing a prompt service and removing any hassle from the lives of our clients.
  • Safety and satisfaction. Your safety and satisfaction are a top priority for us. That’s why we always use insecticides that are harmless for you and your family.
  • Convenient booking. As long as we have availability, you can book us every day of the week, including weekends and bank holidays.
  • A host of other services, such as: bed bug extermination, bee removal, spider control, and more.

Don’t let your dinner clothes become dinner. Pick up the phone and contact Ray’s Pest Control today!

Additional Information About Moths

You may not know you have a clothes moths infestation until random holes begin to appear on your clothing. This is due to the fact that moths are nocturnal creatures. They operate during the night and hide during the day, which makes them notoriously difficult to detect. If you suspect you may have an infestation, give us a call and schedule an inspection.