Photo by division, CSIRO / CC BY 3.0

Why Are Termites Infestations Such a Big Deal?

Why do you need termite control from experienced pest control technicians? Termites are among the nastiest creepy crawlies which infest people’s homes. They eat approximately 7 kilograms of wood per week. The white ants start destroying your property from the inside out and are hard to spot at the early stages of the infestation. If not caught on time they get out of control and cause irreversible property damage.

Why Do You Need Termite Treatment by Professionals?

Handling a problem like this on your own results in eradicating just a small part of the colony and the infestation continues to worsen. Why does this happen? People, don’t have the training, equipment and experience to carry out a DIY termite treatment. But don’t worry, Ray’s Pest Control Sydney are here to help!

The termite treatment professionals will visit your property fully prepared to tackle the pesky invaders. They will first carry out a full inspection of your property to find the white ants’ nest. They will check the level of infestation and choose the best termite treatment method.

If caught in its early stages the infestation can be dealt with immediately. However, if it is deeper, it may take 2 to 4 visit for the complete eradication of the white ants.

The pest exterminators will spray, dust with insecticides and place under- or above-ground stations, depending on the severity of the infestation.

Why Choose Ray’s Company For Control Of Termites?

We are a trusted brand in Sydney, because we always strive to provide high-class services for the local residents. Becoming our client means you will also be able to fully enjoy benefits like:

  • Inspection and treatment with professional insecticides and equipment.
  • Services carried out by reliable local pest experts who have Termite Treatment Certifications.
  • Affordable prices.
  • Customer support and flexible booking slots.
  • Contact us and get expert extermination today!
  • Call us on 02 9098 1796 and let the pros provide you with a pest-free environment. Alternatively you can request a service via our online quote form.
  • We also offer services, such as: ant control, cockroach eradication, bed bug removal, and more.

Contact us straight away and arrange a visit from termite eradication professionals today!

Tips From The Pros

There a few steps you need to make in order to prepare yourself and your property for the treatment session. Completing all steps will ensure you have secured your home or office and will prevent future problems.

  • It will be better of your family, pets and you find another place to stay while the extermination takes place. The products we use will not endanger your health.
  • It is advisable not to leave any food, drink containers unsealed, as the insecticide might get onto the food or in the drinks containers.
  • Air the premises to prevent breathing fumes in.
  • Don’t vacuum, wipe or wash surfaces as soon as you get back home. It would be best if you wait for at least 5 or 6 days.