All Pest Control Services We Offer

Do you experience problems with pests? Ray’s Pest Control will assist with their removal! The professional exterminators are ready to help the citizens of Sydney anytime. Just pick the pest you’re having a problem with.


Don’t let rodents to ruin your peaceful living. Let us deal with them. Mice and rats are responsible for transmitting serious diseases and they can easily ruin your house and house appliances. Don’t wait until it’s too late.

Crawling Pests

Experiencing problems with crawling insects at home? Don’t search any further, because you’re on the right place. We at Ray’s Pest Control are specialised in exterminating crawling pests of all kinds. Whether you’re dealing with a huge infestation or just a few bugs we are ready to help. Call us and you won’t have problems with creepy-crawlers no more!

Flying Pests

As every Australian knows there’s nothing more annoying that a swarm of mosquitoes. Or flies. Or killer bees! Don’t hesitate to call us for assistance. We can fix your problem with many of the common flying insects on a very reasonable price. The professional pest controllers are experienced and trained in dealing with: