Carpet beetle close-up

Carpet Beetle Control in Sydney By Seasoned Professionals

Book carpet beetle control in Sydney to prevent carpet damage. Rays’ Pest Control is a professional vermin control company operating in Sydney and its suburbs. Those little bugs can be found in any household feasting on the keratin fibres of your expensive wool carpets and rugs. Don’t worry, we’re here to help you rid yourself from the nasty carpet destroying bugs by applying professional treatment in all the affected areas. Don’t let the pesky insects eat away your favourite floor coverings.

Why Is Dealing with Carpet Beetles Professionally So Important?

Carpet bug infestations become a huge problem for Sydney property owners, especially when you delay their removal. Other than the fact their larvae will munch on your carpets and rugs to the last fibre, they will also literally destroy your health by causing various allergies.
Even though their numbers might increases during specific seasons, they can spend the whole year living rent-free in your carpets.

We Are Ready to Help with the Carpet Beetle Control!

Dealing with carpet bugs by yourself will take up a lot of time, effort, money and is often ineffective. Sometimes, when they’re not removed completely, they re-infest your home and cause even greater damage.

Ray’s Pest Controllers Have the Equipment and Experience

Why should you call a professional? Booking an expert carpet beetles exterminator will save you precious time. What’s more, Ray’s Australian team has the training, experience and necessary treatment solutions and equipment to help you deal with the problem.
They carry out a detailed inspection, so they know the scale of the infestation and entry points through which the tiny black beetles have entered your home. This way they will be able to choose the most adequate way for bug treatment and proofing.

Get a Reasonably-Priced Carpet Beetle Prevention in Sydney

If you have any questions regarding the service we offer do not hesitate to contact us for more information. Booking Ray’s Pest Control pros means you will get top-quality services, followed by more amazing benefits like:

  • Complete service which includes a detailed inspection, expert treatment, pest proofing of the property
  • A vermin-free environment with no risks of allergies.
  • Service carried out by vetted and reference checked pest controllers with years of experience.
  • Affordable prices.
  • We also offer other services, such as: bee removal, mosquito control, bed bug control, flea treatment, and more.

Call us today at 02 9098 1796 and get carpet beetle control by reliable and trusted local exterminators. Get a quick quote now and rest assured the exterminators will take care of everything else.

What to Do While You Wait for the Controllers?

Our clients often ask us what to do until we arrive at their place. You’re not required to do anything. In fact, waiting for our swift arrival without treating the affected areas is advisable, as you might make the situation worse. Simply, wait for the technicians outside the property, if possible and they will take care of the rest.